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It’s Winter, Are Your Children Vitamin D Deficient? (Archived Pedcast)


Our great grandmothers knew that vitamin D deficiency was a big problem for her children, hence the daily fight over giving your grandfather his cod liver oil. Great Grandma didn’t know what vitamin D was or what was in cod liver oil, but she knew it kept her kids healthy. How did she figure all this out, long before the era of biochemistry? I don’t know. All I can figure is that she was truly a genius. But now this old fashion disease, vitamin D deficiency, and its many variants, are making a comeback. So in this pedcast, we are going to learn more about vitamin D and how you can avoid your children from becoming D-ficient in this important chemical of their bodies.


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Don’t Drink Your Milk, by Frank Oski MD (Book Review Pedcast)

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Don’t Drink Your Milk

A friend of mine who you may know, Dr. Sheila Kilbane, a frequent guest on, recently gave me a book that she considers a classic of childhood nutrition. The book was written by a pediatrician that every pediatrician of my era is familiar with, Dr. Frank Oski. Dr. Oski was not only the Chairman of Pediatrics at John’s Hopkins Medical Center but also the author of numerous articles, textbooks of pediatrics and a parenting book titled The Practical Pediatrician.  Dr. Oski was about as mainstream pediatrics as they came and one very smart fellow. So why was Dr. Kilbane so interested in me reading what Dr. Oski had to say about children and dairy intake? I knew that Dr. Kilbane believes that children should not consume any dairy after their first birthday and that she believed that the milk from cows is very harmful to the health of children and adults for that matter. I guess she figured  I was old enough and ready  to her the truth about the milk of cows as  food for humans.  Well I did read it and here goes, my review and thoughts of Dr. Oski’s book, Don’t Drink Your Milk.   Continue reading

More, Winterizing Your Children (Pedcast)


It’s getting cold outside and the little ones are starting to get sick at an alarming rate. I thought it might be timely to pass on some tips I have learned about how to keep your little Janie or Johhny from getting sick during the long winter ahead. Speaking to that point, I recently found an article in Parents Magazine by Michelle Crouch, about how to avoid winter sickness in your children. So, today, I thought I might review the 6 steps that the author of this Parent’s Magazine recommended and add a little Doc Smo wisdom to her article.

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Gummies Vitamins Beware (Pedcast)

Hey, hey, and welcome to another installment of I’m your host Dr. PAUL SMOLEN I want to thank you for joining me today and for making this blog such a success. You and your children are the reason that I put so much effort into this blog and let me tell you, it has been a very rewarding experience. This blog is beginning to catch on fire. In August 2014 we had 135,000 pages opened in just that month… fantastic. So here we go with another edition. Your free pediatric education continues. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t see a child who takes gummy vitamins. In my practice it is the norm. Why, I don’t know but it just is. These things are incredibly popular and why not, they taste great so the kids love them, and the moms feel like their doing something that’s helping their child’s health. And there is the rub which we are going to talk about more today.  Let’s break that down a little bit and let’s see if we are really doing something good with the gummy vitamins.

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