Integrative Pediatrics


Dr. Kilbane conducts Mooo U (Pedcast)

The “power of honey” with Dr. Kilbane (Pedcast)

Avoiding Ear Infections, Dr. Sheila Kilbane (Pedcast) .“Food Decisions” with Dr. Kilbane (Pedcast)

Dr. Kilbane on “Winterizing” Your Children (Pedcast)

More, Winterizing Your Children (Pedcast)

Probiotics Update with Dr. Sheila Kilbane (Pedcast) 

Probiotcs can Prevent C. Diff Diarrhea (Article)

The Power of an Elimination Diet w/ Dr. Sheila Kilbane (Pedcast)

The China Study (Book Review Pedcast)

Don’t Drink Your Milk, by Frank Oski MD (Book Review Pedcast)

More, Winterizing Your Children (Pedcast)

Fat Kids, Sick Hearts? (Article)

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