The Power of an Elimination Diet w/ Dr. Sheila Kilbane (Pedcast)



Welcome to one of the most popular pediatric blogs out there, We love children and parents here and try to bring you ideas, guests, and practical strategies to help you be the best parents you can be. Portable practical pediatrics is our motto and what we try and deliver with each pedcast. I am thrilled to have a returning guest today, integrative pediatrician, Dr. Sheila Kilbane. She is a board certified pediatrician who has extra training in integrative pediatrics. Check out more about Dr. Kilbane on her website, Infinite Health, Welcome Dr. Kilbane. I hope you are having a good evening.


Q1. PS-Let’s get right into it. I know you use a lot of elimination diets in your approach to children with various health problems. In what health conditions would an elimination diet be useful to try in a child?


Q2. PS-Which foods do you eliminate in your trials?



Q3. PS-Do families find this difficult to do?


Q4. PS-What is the thinking behind these elimination diets?


 Q5. PS-If parents want to try an elimination diet with one of their children, who should help them? Are there risks in doing this? How long are the trials? Can the foods be reintroduced into the diet?


Q6. PS-Can you tell us about some elimination diet success stories you have seen?



Dr. Sheila Kilbane, I can’t thank you enough for taking time to share your experience and wisdom with my blogging audience. I always learn so much when we talk! How does a pediatrician who is so young collect so much wisdom? Tell us how people in the Charlotte area or really anywhere can contact you to talk about the specifics of their child’s health problems? SK-***.


This is Doc Smo and and Dr. Sheila Kilbane, recording in studio 1E via Skype, thanking you for joining us today and reminding you that eliminating some of your family’s food might help you get a more healthy brood. Until next time.