Parenting Philosophy

Dr. Smolen wants parents to think about what messages they send to their children with their actions and attitudes.  These topics are discussed in the following thought provoking posts;


Disciplining your child, “with respect.”

Shaping your child’s character: Leading by example

Playgrounds, no parents allowed

Can your child by spoiled?

Let’s not forget to care for the mamas and papas.


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Teaching your teen to be responsible

Attitude lessons I learned from my Dad

Tincture of time

Choosing a Doc

Patty vs Mozart

The Genius of Parents

Sixteen and Out of Control

Starting Young Children Toward a Life of Literacy

Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Pedcast)

DocSmo’s “Crunch Out” Campaign Begins (Pedcast)

Symptoms Talk, Let’s Listen (Pedcast)

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, By Farber/Mazlish (Book Review Pedcast)


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