The first year can be trying for a new parent.  Let Doc Smo help with some practical accessible information that you will be able to use right away.  Take a few minutes to listen or read about the following topics that many first year parents find useful.  You’re in the right place for practical, portable pediatrics.

Straight Talk about Sleep in Infancy

Can Children be Spoiled?

Milk Transition – When, Why, and How

Baby’s First Solid Food, When and How

Teething, Just the Facts Ma’am!


Like the five above?  Try these on for size.

Understanding Your Child’s Ear Infections Step by Step

Dealing with Diaper Rashes

Essential information about your Baby’s Head Shape

Changing Diapers; Hazardous to your health…really?

What Parents Need to Know about Infant Temperature Control

Baby Walkers… beware

Why babies spit up!

Fever Facts

Little Teeth, Handle with Care

Seborrheic Dermatitis with Dr. Primmer

Screen Time: The First Two Years

The Dangers of Infant Positioners

Babies Need Words

Adopt a Healthy Dental Diet

The Biology of a Viral Illness (Pedcast)

More of Grandma’s Wisdom (Pedcast)

Safe Sleep Advice (Pedcast)

Newborn Skin with Dr. Primmer

Car Seats Done Right (Article)

Good News on Baby Shots



  1. Whitney Parker says:

    Doc Smo, I love your blog and podcast! I am trying to read “Baby’s First Solid Food: When and How”, and it links to a post about screen time instead. Can this be fixed? We are about to start our little one and food and I would love to hear what you say first.

    Also, I would love to hear your advice on naps for infants. We have a 5 month old that will not sleep longer than 30 min. Sometimes crying it out works, but most of the time it does not. I think some sleep training is necessary, but don’t know what to do!

    Thank you!

    • DocSmo says:

      Dear Whitney,

      I am sorry about the link mixup. I will try and fix that asap. You sound quite motivated so I think I will suggest you get a book called, “Feeding Baby Greene”, by Dr. Greene of course. It is excellent. He does a thorough review of infant feeding in his book. My post on the subject is somewhat old and believe it or not, things have changed a lot since I wrote that post, mostly thanks to Dr. Greene.
      As far as your infant’s naps, some babies just won’t do it and that is OK. You should make the effort to put him/her down for rest as you are doing. Most babies, when they start to crawl and expend more energy will start taking better naps between 6-12 months. Some babies just go for a quiet time however and I think that is OK as well. Good luck, Doc Smo

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