Bringing Baby Home

For any parent, the first few weeks of your baby’s life can be both exciting and scary.  To ease the transition, DocSmo has created a series of short (10 minute) audio posts to help with your parenting skills.  Load them on your mp3 player or simply listen from the site.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Sleeping Babies Lie (Pedcast)

 Going Public with Your Newborn, How and When!

 Safe Sleep Environment for Infants

 Keeping Abreast of Breast Milk Facts

 The First Week Home with Your New Baby


DocSmo also recommends the following pedcasts for new parents.  Have a listen and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Grandma, Cod Liver Oil, and the 2011 News Regarding Vitamin D

What Parents Need to Know about Infant Temperature Control

Essential information about your Baby’s Head Shape

 What’s New with Umbilical Cord Care in Newborns

Why babies spit up!

Essential Knowledge for Parents about Hepatitis B

Can Children be Spoiled?

Changing Diapers; Hazardous to your health…really?

How to Choose a Doc

 Answers to Skin Care Questions by Dr. Sue Primmer

 Breastfeeding Decisions with Anne Gessner PNP

 Finally, Newborn Jaundice Explained

 Babies + Hospitals, a Good Mix?

 Changing Diapers Dangerous for your Health, Really?

 Babies, Water, and Salt; A Briny Mix

 Understanding Newborn Diaper Rash

Newborn Skin with Dr. Susan Primmer (Pedcast)

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