Practical Parenting

30 years of practicing pediatrics has taught Doc Smo some practical approaches to many parenting issues. Gain from his experience by listening to these post full of practical advice for parents.

What to do if your child is a ‘potty refuser’

Sleepless Nights…Beyond the Crib

Mommy, My PeePee Hurts!

A ‘How to’ Guide to Swallowing Pills for Children

Screen Time, How Much is Too Much?


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Swimming, A Basic Life Skill All Children Need to Know

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The Supper Table Revisited

Why Your Child Should Avoid Sugary Drinks!

Eyedrops Made Simple

Migraine, what a pain

Bedtime Bliss for Everyone

A True Trampoline Nightmare

Helping Children with Divorce

DocSmo’s “Crunch Out” Campaign Begins

Danger at Home; Carbon Monoxide

Help for the Anxious Child with Dr. Andy Farah

Medicines Help or Harm?

Does Cold Air Make Your Child Sick?

Avoiding Ear Infections with Dr. Sheila Kilbane

The Tech Savvy Parent, with Dr. John Simpson

 College Savings Made Easy

The Tired Teen

Do’s and Don’ts of Insect Repellants

More on Winterizing Your Kids

Teens Thrive w/ Trainers

DocSmo’s “Crunch Out” Campaign Begins

Wound Care Do’s and Don’ts for Kids

Can Clothes Transmit Germs?

Less Cold and Cough Medicine in Children Means Fewer ED Visits

How Long is Too Long for a Cold?

More, Winterizing Your Children


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