How to Discipline Your Child…with Respect! (Pedcast)

Parenting is all about setting limits. Here is some practical advice about how to tell your child things they don’t want to hear but at the same time treating them with respect.

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    • Doc Smo says:


      Yes this will EVENTUALLY work for your child. At 18 months, children have essentially no impulse control and also very short attention spans. They are a bundle of frenetic activity. By imposing limits in this manner, you are training your child to listen to what you say, hopefully the first time you say it. He will learn over time that you mean what you say and actions have consequences. You are, in my opinion, treating him with respect. Ultimately, that will be good for both of you! Be patient. The rewards of this training won’t happen overnight.

  1. Taylor Wise says:

    I LOVE your steps on this pedcast! I can’t tell you how many behavioral books give generic advice. This is FABULOUS! I’m also SO thrilled you discussed proper tone of voice! This is something I need to work on. I’ve never thought to lower my tone… most people raise it. Great advice!

    We used to spank Parker on the hand when he touched things after being told multiple times “no” but quickly stopped when we started to notice him hitting things and saying “no!” Bottom line… the message wasn’t being received! We’ve started time out in his special time out chair and it’s working wonders even if he only sits there for a few seconds. Bascially, long enough to calm out. I’m going to start the eye contact thing now. I see a well behaved toddler in my future! Great post, DocSmo!

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