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Don’t Drink Your Milk, by Frank Oski MD (Book Review Pedcast)

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Don’t Drink Your Milk

A friend of mine who you may know, Dr. Sheila Kilbane, a frequent guest on docsmo.com, recently gave me a book that she considers a classic of childhood nutrition. The book was written by a pediatrician that every pediatrician of my era is familiar with, Dr. Frank Oski. Dr. Oski was not only the Chairman of Pediatrics at John’s Hopkins Medical Center but also the author of numerous articles, textbooks of pediatrics and a parenting book titled The Practical Pediatrician.  Dr. Oski was about as mainstream pediatrics as they came and one very smart fellow. So why was Dr. Kilbane so interested in me reading what Dr. Oski had to say about children and dairy intake? I knew that Dr. Kilbane believes that children should not consume any dairy after their first birthday and that she believed that the milk from cows is very harmful to the health of children and adults for that matter. I guess she figured  I was old enough and ready  to her the truth about the milk of cows as  food for humans.  Well I did read it and here goes, my review and thoughts of Dr. Oski’s book, Don’t Drink Your Milk.   Continue reading