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Have You Optimized Your Children’s Sleep? (Pedcast)

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If you want healthy smart children, and who doesn’t, it is vital, imperative, crucial, fundamental, even axiomatic that you ensure that they get the recommended amount and quality of sleep that they need. Do you know what promotes the best sleep in your children?  Well, stay tuned to find out in this important installment of Portable Practical Pediatrics.

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Cribsheet by Emily Oster (Book Review Archived Pedcast)

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Emily Oster is back with a second data-centered book, this time focused on all things parenting starting just after birth and continuing into the toddler years. One of the great things about Dr. Oster’s books is that she gives parents answers to some of the “whys” behind the advice that they’re their pediatricians are giving them. Like her first book, Expecting Better, Oster breaks down an impressive number of scientific studies into bite-sized pieces for parents to digest.

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Should You Give Your Children Tylenol? (Pedcast)

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Despite the fact that most parents and pediatricians consider acetaminophen, you know- Tylenol, a totally safe drug, there has been a growing chorus of concern about this drug among researchers for many years. In today’s pedcast I am going to break those concerns down and give you some up to date knowledge on this subject. Stay tuned.

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Here’s Why It’s Important to Manage Your Children’s Media Exposure (Archived Pedcast)

 OK, I am going to get a little personal with this installment of Portable Practical Pediatrics, I am going to tell you a real life story that happened to yours truly, when I was in high school, 10th grade to be specific that involved media exposure.  This story speaks directly to the question I posed in the title of this pedcast: “Should parents care about what media their children watch during childhood?”  An important question for today’s parents to ponder so hang with me for this important edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics

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