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6 Things Kids Can Do To Avoid Sports Injuries (Updated Pedcast)

Sports are great, but your child can have too much of a good thing. Your child can learn a lot of valuable skills and life lessons on the court or field, but at some point, the physical and mental rigor of sports can be too much, leading to mental and physical fatigue and injury. In this episode of DocSmo.com, Dr Smolen reviews the AAP guidelines for limiting competitive sports and gives you some common sense guidelines of his own. Continue reading

Why is Johnny Biting? (Pedcast)


So the other day I was in the office, doing a checkup on a 2.5 year old-Indian boy (that’s the kind of indian from india). The family had just gotten back from a visit to India for a few months. This is not uncommon for the Indian families I care for. It was a usual checkup questions with a discussion about sleep, feeding, and, as I always do with toddlers and preschoolers, getting a sense of who is in control at home. Are parents comfortable with setting limits. Mom started telling me about her child that had started hitting and biting her, not sleeping well, demanding a lot of attention at night, and potty training not going well. She knew that biting wasn’t an unusual behavior for children under two years of age but he was over two and had never done that before. She as very distressed by all this. Continue reading

“Accidental” Psychotherapy (Pedcast)

Today, I am going to tell you about an amazing experience I had last week. A longtime patient of mine, a 12 year old boy who I have known for a decade, came in for his checkup. I had reviewed his chart before walking in the room, an noticed that the last time I had seen him, he came in with classic anxiety symptoms of difficulty sleeping and concentrating, feeling anxious, and having headaches, and stomachaches. When I asked him why he felt so anxious, he said that the social aspects of middle school were overwhelming for him. The academics were easy but the fitting in with his peers…that was a whole nother matter as they say down in the South. After we talked all this over,  it was so clear to me and his Mom that he was exhibiting the somatic symptoms of anxiety. I suggested that they go and try a therapy called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” or CBT as it is known in the business. Yes there are medicines for this but CBT is at least as effective. Continue reading

“Moving” is Stressful for Children -Dr. John Simpson (Pedcast)

Dr. John Simpson is a practicing psychologist in Charlotte, N.C .,with over 30 years of experience helping families with all sorts of emotional issues. Listen to him share his experience and wisdom while answering question about the impact of a “move” on a child.
Questions discussed  in this pedcast with Dr. John Simpson, psychologist;
1. Why is moving stressful for children?
 2. Are there good moves and bad moves for a family? Are the associated events like a parent changing jobs or divorce also important considerations?
3. Does the move have an impact on the parents and  their mental health?
 4. Stories from your experience that have been instructive?
 5. How can we lessen the impact of a move?
 7. Can the move become a positive experience?
 8. What are danger signs a child is exhibiting poor coping with the stress of a move?
 9. Which children are most vulnerable to this kind of stress?
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