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Women and Children First Interview with Dr. Paul Smolen


Paul Smolen is a teacher, a thinker and pediatric pearl generator. I sat down with Docsmo for a wonderful conversation about his lengthy and thoughtful career. He discusses his podcast, learning while on the job and what made it all work. He leaves us with his 10 favorite pediatric parenting pearls. I know that you will find his wisdom most useful. Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Paul Smolen, aka Docsmo.


Dr. M


Dr. M’s SPA Newsletter Volume 11 Issue 30

Dental Care – Why is it so important?
We have intermittently discussed dental care over the last 11 years with regard to oral health as well as systemic health. There was an excellent podcast between Dr. Peter Attia and Dr. Patricia Corby two weeks ago looking at all things oral health. I am going to distill the 2 hour podcast down into a manageable audio recording of the newsletter with some more information on dental anthropology and the oral microbiome.
Dr. Corby is an oral health researcher from Penn Dental Medicine in Pennsylvania and she is a wealth of research information in the oral space. Read more here – https://www.salisburypediatrics.com/patient-education/dr-magryta-s-newsletter/973-volume-11-letter-30
Have a great day and hug your kids,
Dr. M

Insulin Resistance Tour with Dr. M


Have you ever wondered why we are struggling as a society to maintain health? This podcast is the place where you can start to understand the root cause or the headwaters of the disease river. Insulin resistance, in my mind is the root of the problem. The Answer to the dilemma is within these audio minutes for you to listen to at your leisure and at your pace to understand this complex topic distilled down into palatable bites.



Dr. M

Annual Holiday Message 2014 (Pedcast)

I’ve got to tell you, I look forward to my holiday podcast all year, I guess because holidays are special and a time for reflection. Being a little older person, I think gives me a perspective that younger parents just can’t have. I often ask myself strange questions…like the other day when I was wondering, “What is a child’s most valuable asset, their most important possession? Their place in the family will, their social security number and future benefits, their citizenship? No, I believe these these are all wrong. I think the answer is you…their parents. You are their rock, their everything, their foundation. You shape their world-view. You teach them to trust others. You teach them how to share. You teach them their language. And most of all, you teach them how to love themselves and others.  So it is you, the parents of your children, that I want to concentrate on in this year’s holiday message.

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