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Women and Children First Interview with Dr. Paul Smolen


Paul Smolen is a teacher, a thinker and pediatric pearl generator. I sat down with Docsmo for a wonderful conversation about his lengthy and thoughtful career. He discusses his podcast, learning while on the job and what made it all work. He leaves us with his 10 favorite pediatric parenting pearls. I know that you will find his wisdom most useful. Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Paul Smolen, aka Docsmo.


Dr. M


Insulin Resistance Tour with Dr. M


Have you ever wondered why we are struggling as a society to maintain health? This podcast is the place where you can start to understand the root cause or the headwaters of the disease river. Insulin resistance, in my mind is the root of the problem. The Answer to the dilemma is within these audio minutes for you to listen to at your leisure and at your pace to understand this complex topic distilled down into palatable bites.



Dr. M

“Accidental” Psychotherapy (Pedcast)

Today, I am going to tell you about an amazing experience I had last week. A longtime patient of mine, a 12 year old boy who I have known for a decade, came in for his checkup. I had reviewed his chart before walking in the room, an noticed that the last time I had seen him, he came in with classic anxiety symptoms of difficulty sleeping and concentrating, feeling anxious, and having headaches, and stomachaches. When I asked him why he felt so anxious, he said that the social aspects of middle school were overwhelming for him. The academics were easy but the fitting in with his peers…that was a whole nother matter as they say down in the South. After we talked all this over,  it was so clear to me and his Mom that he was exhibiting the somatic symptoms of anxiety. I suggested that they go and try a therapy called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” or CBT as it is known in the business. Yes there are medicines for this but CBT is at least as effective. Continue reading

The tech savvy parent with Dr. John Simpson (Pedcast)




Welcome  to another edition of my blog, docsmo.com.  I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a general pediatrician with 31 years of practice so far and I am delighted to have as my returning guest, Dr. John Simpson, PhD clinical licensed psychologist with an abundance of practice experience under his belt and special training in adolescent psychology.   (I didn’t say decades this time did I Dr.Simpson)? Thank you for joining us tonight.  Dr. Simpson, you recently mentioned to me that, in your experience, one of the most frightening aspects of parenting today is dealing with computers and the Internet.  How did you put it? , “If you want to see parents have a meltdown, bring up the topic of computers, smartphones, and the internet.”  Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in this pedcast…discuss some of the issues parents need to deal with when it comes to the tech world.  What’s the old saying, “With knowledge comes wisdom”.  Let’s hope we all gain some knowledge AND wisdom  today.  Dr. Simpson, let me pose a general question to get us started;




Question 1.  In the practical world, how do you see parents perceiving their children’s interactions with the Internet and computer technologies? 


Question 2.  What do you see as the biggest danger or dangers of the Internet? 


Question 3.  What practical suggestions can you give parents to make sure they are dealing with computers and the Internet as effectively as possible?


Question 4.  Can online relationships on the Internet be damaging to children and how does a parent set limits? 



Question 5.  Let’s say that the parents have been as careful as possible, family meeting, computer in public place, rules have been articulated do’s and don’ts, is there still trouble to watch for? 




Dr. John Simpson, thank you for sharing your wisdom and wit with my audience and me.  You are a delight and really fun to talk to. Let’s start planning our next talk, shall we?


Your comments are welcome so please direct to iTunes or my blog, www.docsmo.com.  This is Dr. Paul Smolen, broadcasting from studio 1 E, hoping this pedcast can help you avoid some nasty fights, when it comes to your kid’s digital bytes.  Until next time.

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