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Dr. M’s Women and Children First Podcast #74 – Philip Bugaiski OD – Vision Beyond 20/20

This week I sit down with Philip Bugaiski to discuss ocular tracking, reading difficulties and vision therapy.
Dr. Bugaiski was born in New York and first developed an interest in optometry as a result of childhood vision challenges, requiring vision therapy. He studied science as an undergraduate at the Penn State University graduating with honors. He was awarded one of six national scholarships for optometry from the US Air Force. He served his country with distinction. He finished his doctoral work at the State University of New York College of Optometry. He completed fellowships in Synotic Optometry and Vision Therapy. He worked as Chief of Pediatrics and Vision Therapy for a multi-doctor practice until he founded The Developmental Vision Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. He specializes in Vision Development, Vision Therapy, Pediatric Optometry, and Vision Rehabilitation.
Dr. Bugaiski is also North Carolina’s only Fellow of the College of Syntonic Optometry. He is a sought-after guest speaker for various groups on a local, national, and international level.
All too often, children and adults are told that their eyes are healthy, they have 20/20 eyesight or their glasses are the correct power, and there is nothing else to be done. They are told that their reading issues are inborn dyslexia and other reductionistic diagnosis. At The Developmental Vision Center, Dr. Bugaiski looks beyond 20/20 eyesight. His team is there to treat the person, not just their eyes. Vision therapy is a program of progressive visual activities performed under doctor supervision, individualized by a vision therapist to fit the needs of each patient. In a statement, he is treating the child not a diagnostic name.
Please enjoy my conversation with Philip Bugaiski,
Dr. M
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Dr. M’s SPA Newsletter Audiocast Volume 12 Issue 28

Concussions: otherwise known as TBI or traumatic brain injury
Concussion is an injury that is a trauma to the head where the skull stops rapidly and the inner brain gets rotationally or linearly moved beyond its normal confines leading to microscopic nerve injury and subsequent inflammation. The traumatic process occurs suddenly and can have unconsciousness as a consequence. Whether the patient is unconscious or not for a period of time, a full work up is necessary to understand the gravity of the injury and the subsequent therapy. This week we go deep into the pathophysiology of the head injury and Omega 3 fatty acids.
Dr. M

Dr. M’s Women and Children First Podcast – Journal Club #2 with Andrew Brackins MSIV -TBI/Concussion and Fish Oil

Journal Club #2 with Andrew Brackins MSIV

Topic today – Traumatic brain injury or concussion is a significant problem in young adults and children. What do we know about the reasons why some people suffer longer term symptoms? What can we do to mitigate risk going forward? Fish oil is an omega 3 fatty acid that has recently gained attention as a possible therapeutic pre and post head trauma. Let us explore the head injury landscape together in this Journal Club episode.


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