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Are Your Kids Too Clean? (Pedcast)

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Welcome to another edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics. I’m your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, also known as Doc Smo. From the bassinet to the board room, if the topic involves children, we talk about it here. I frequently get asked by the parents of my patients, “Why do so many children have food allergy, asthma, and eczema today? Most of these parents don’t remember their friends having nearly the incidence of allergy that today’s children do and that was just a few decades ago. What is going on, they ask? Well, my answer is that we really don’t know, but we are beginning to get closer to an answer. For years, immunologists and allergists have been talking about something called the Hygiene Hypothesis to explain all of this allergy. Recent observations have made this less of a theory and more of an explanation. Experts are beginning to have some understanding. So in today’s pedcast, I thought we would talk about some of this evidence and introduce you to the current thinking about allergies and children. The hope is if we can understand what is driving the allergy epidemic, we can help protect future kids from suffering from with terrible allergies. Continue reading

Interesting Conversations with Parents March 2016 (Pedcast)

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Welcome to another edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics, home of pedcasts. From the womb to the W-2, if the subject involves children, we take it on here. A few months ago i started a new series of pedcasts I call”Interesting Conversations with Parents” and I must say, these posts have been particularly popular with my listeners. The parents of the children I take care are so interesting, curious, and informed and they bring up the most interesting things in our time at the office–they never cease to amaze me and i must share some of these conversatins.  In today’s pedcast, I going to bring a few more of the recent “Interesting conversations” I have had with parents in the past month. So, sit back and enjoy the conversation.

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Allergy shots without the Shot! (Article)

Allergy Shots without the Shot!   Allergists are beginning to retire those time honored allergy SHOTS, and instead, use under the tongue allergy DROPS to accomplish the same thing; to reduce the amount of asthma, food allergy, runny nose, and eczema a child might suffer. It’s called (sublingual immunotherapy) or SLIT.  SLIT is a new type of allergy therapy and is under intensive study by experts.  Not only does it not involve those nasty needles like (subcutaneous immunotherapy) SCIT, but also it seems to possibly be safer and equally effective for younger children. Traditional allergy shots are usually not given to children under age 5 years, but not SLIT.   SLIT may turn out to be a great alternative for children under 5.   Sublingual immunotherapy is still in the research phase and not ready for prime time just quite yet.  Like all medical therapies, it has some side effects like a taste that some children find unpleasant and some oral itching and gastrointestinal symptoms.  Fortunately, life -threatening reactions have not been seen to date. It also requires a long treatment course of years to show effectiveness.   Currently, a pediatric allergist with North Carolina connections, Dr. Wesley Burkes, is making history learning how to make peanut allergic children and adults tolerant of peanuts using SLIT.  This is important because currently, reactions to peanuts are the most common allergic reaction to food that kills children in the US. To date, he has had quite a bit of success in helping patients build tolerance.  His pioneering work may make it possible sometime soon for children with peanut allergy not to fear restaurants, birthday parties, cafeterias, and maybe even enjoy a candy bar with some peanuts once in a while. Let’s hope. Your comments are welcome at www.docsmo.com.  Share your knowledge. Until next time.

Smo Notes:

1. http://news.unchealthcare.org/news/2013/january/sublingual-immunotherapy-shows-promise-as-treatment-for-peanut-allergy

Written collaboratively by Catherine Wu and Paul Smolen MD

Food Allergy in Children (Pedcast)

Allergy to food is much more common than in years past.  In this Pedcast, Dr Smolen reviews some of the new information and recommendations about the introduction of allergenic foods to children.  After listening to this Pedcast, you should have a better understanding and recognition of food allergy.  Dr Smolen also makes practical suggestions should you have a child that suffers from food allergy.  Kick back, listen, and learn.



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