What Would the Perfect Covid-19 Vaccine Look Like? (Pedcast by Doc Smo and Sonya Corina Williams)

Most experts think that the only way out of the Covid-19 Pandemic is a vaccine of which there are currently 165 in development. Ready or not, someday soon, you will have to make a decision about whether to get one of these vaccines. Will you have the knowledge and understanding to make that decision when that time comes?  I certainly hope so and maybe I can help. Stay tuned while and Sonya and I get you up to speed with SARS-CoV-2 vaccine knowledge circa August 2020.

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Child Health News June 2017 (Pedcast)



From gestation to graduation, if it involves kids, you’ve tuned into the right place. I’m your host, Doc Smo, a board certified pediatrician with 35 years of experience and a whole lot to say. It’s been a while since I have done a child health news update and there has been some very interesting stuff coming down the pipe recently. My journals have actually had some new studies that I thought you might be interested to hear about. Today, I thought I would bring my listeners some of this interesting new research and throw some ideas at you that might improve both your knowledge and just maybe, your children’s health.   What are the experts thinking about and which child health issues are getting attention in the world of pediatrics?  Stay tuned to find out. You don’t want to miss today’s post, so warm up your mp3 player, turn up the volume of those buds, and get ready for the next edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics. Continue reading

The Most Important Question in Pediatrics Revisited (Pedcast)


Doc Smo here.  Thanks for joining me for this important edition of Portable, Practical, Pediatrics. The anti-vaccine movement continues to gain strength in the U.S. so it’s time for this pediatrician to speak out, again.   The following pedcast is a rebroadcast of a post I did back in 2015 to give my listeners a glimpse of how vital vaccines are to their children’s good health. In my mind, in order for children to thrive, they need food, water, clean air, the love of their family, and vaccines. Yes, vaccines are that basic to their well being, to be mentioned in the same sentence with food, water, and air.  Let’s explore that concept a little in today’s archived post I call, “The Most Important Question in Pediatrics”.

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The Chickenpox/ Shingles Story (Pedcast)

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I was having a discussion the other day with the mom of one of my patients. She was asking me why we vaccinate children against chickenpox; a disease that her mother told her was a benign mild childhood illness that doesn’t hurt kids.  Keep in mind that almost none of the parents of my current patients have ever seen or had any experience with the disease of chickenpox.  The disease is virtually gone in the United States so everything parents know today is based on what they have heard.  This particular mom had so many questions and a few misconceptions about chickenpox. Because of this I thought many of my blog listeners probably have many of the same questions, so today were going to talk about the disease known as chickenpox: the myths and facts and the rationale behind vaccinating today’s children. Why do we bother vaccinating for a harmless childhood illness? Continue reading

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