Respiratory Illness

Making Sense of Your Child’s Next Respiratory Infection (Archived Pedcast)

Topic Introduction

Young children seem to get a lot of sickness, way more than adults do. Most of this sickness is caused by common respiratory viruses and need no specific treatment. These illnesses usually clear up on their own, but sometimes there’s trouble. Today’s episode helps parents understand the patterns of respiratory illness their children get. Knowing when the pattern deviates from normal can give parents and their pediatrician clues to more serious health problems. It’s all in those patterns, if you know what to look for.  This is important information for parents to know, especially in the winter months so I thought it was important enough to do a repost of a pedcast I did in 2010 while it is still cold outside.  No Smo Notes for this post so put on your buds and pay close attention– I’m about to make you one of the best informed parents in the room with this installment of Portable Practical Pediatrics.

Can Honey Help Your Sick Children? (Archived Pedcast)

Doc Smo here, your pedcast host .  I hope you are having a good day today.  It’s my pleasure to have, once again, Dr Sheila Kilbane, one of the few,  and definitely one of the best “Integrative Pediatricians” in the US.  She is trained in both traditional western medicine as well as in the art of integrative medicine.  She brings a unique perspective to our “topic of this week“, which is the medical power of honey…, no not your husband or wife, but  the gooey sticky stuff from the hives.  I think we are going to find out there are good reasons why those bees protect it with such vigor! Continue reading

Grandma Right–Can Cold Weather Cause Pneumonia? (Archived Pedcast)


Topic Introduction

Now here’s a question that comes up often in the office, “Can exposure to cold air cause my children to be sick and come down with coughs, colds and even pneumonia?”  When a child gets really sick with pneumonia, parents want to know why that happened, and I can’t really blame them. I do too.  They often ask, “Is there a relationship between pneumonia and being out in the cold, getting really chilled, having wet feet, or not wearing adequate clothing like Grandma said?” You would think that in the 21st century, we would have answered this basic question, but unfortunately, we have not. The answer seems to be elusive. Well, today, it’s time for Doc Smo to weigh on the subject, not with a new study or data, but with my observations and experience -so- crank up that digital media, open up your cerebral cortex, and enjoy this installment of Portable Practical Pediatrics.

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The Rhythm of Your Child’s Cough (Pedcast)



Today, I am going to go back to a post that I made in 2011 and reiterate the point that all parents need to know the usual sequence of their children’s respiratory illnesses. By knowing what is normal,  you will know when to be suspicious that things are going wrong and need action.  I call the usual uncomplicated sequence of a coughing illness, the “rhythm of a cough”. If you are a parent with older children, you know that kids get a lot of coughs and colds and knowing when to get worried is a an important skill for parents to master.  So sit back and listen to this Doc Smo classic, The Rhythm of Your Child’s Cough. Continue reading