Can Honey Help Your Sick Children? (Archived Pedcast)

Doc Smo here, your pedcast host .  I hope you are having a good day today.  It’s my pleasure to have, once again, Dr Sheila Kilbane, one of the few,  and definitely one of the best “Integrative Pediatricians” in the US.  She is trained in both traditional western medicine as well as in the art of integrative medicine.  She brings a unique perspective to our “topic of this week“, which is the medical power of honey…, no not your husband or wife, but  the gooey sticky stuff from the hives.  I think we are going to find out there are good reasons why those bees protect it with such vigor!

Honey does already play an important role in health care for children.

-I have read and I frequently recommend honey as a good cough suppressant.

-Parents tell me all the time stories of how local honey helps their children’s allergies.

-A mom told me the other day about how good honey works for gastrointestinal upsets. I think this Is really  true because it is part of some home recipes for pedialyte that I have read about for children older than 1 year.

– I have also heard of how effective honey can be in aiding wound healing and possibly in the treatment of other diseases.  For more on that subject, we have my good friend, Dr. Sheila Kilbane, a bona fide nutrition expert as well as pediatrician, to give us more information about medical uses of honey.


-Hello chatter-  PS and SK…


It’s delicious, I love it on my apples and in my tea… but honey for medical uses???

 -Q1 Dr. Kilbane, what is so special about honey.  Why not maple syrup or molasses?  Are there special properties that honey has that other gooey sugary substance don’t have?

SK answers

 Q2  I’ve heard that honey can help heal wounds  Is this true?

SK answers

-Q3 Any other uses for honey in the world of medical care?

SK answers


 If you missed the past Pedcasts with Dr Kilbane, make sure you check them out.  They are  great! We made pedcasts  about ADD, Winterizing your children, organic foods, probiotics, and now the medicinal properties of honey.  Dr. Kilbane, as always, Its is wonderful to talk with you Dr. Kilbane and you ALWAYS expand my knowledge and curiosity about pediatrics.  Thank you, thank, thank you.  Please come back soon, won’t you


This is Dr. Paul Smolen, Doc Smo, hoping you recognize the big deal that honey can play if your child needs to heal. 


Until next time.