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Dr. M’s SPA Newsletter Audiocast Volume 13 Issue 13

Cholesterol Lipid Hypothesis Part IV – Endothelial Dysfunction
How does an artery clog? Let us recap a little at this time. 1) Cholesterol and lipoproteins are significant and necessary for pathology to develop but not the only player in heart disease and atherosclerosis. I believe that inflammation is the root cause of the problem driving the lipid imbalance and plaque formation. 2) Lipoproteins are produced and recycled every day in order to deliver energy to tissues around the body via triglycerides and are a part of the ancient innate immune system. They are primed and ready to fight all systemic pathogens that are trying to hurt us. 3) Your genetic makeup may dictate whether you produce and/or recycle more cholesterol/lipoproteins than are advantageous in our current environment….Plus a discussion on acne.
Dr. M