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Great Kids Don’t Just Happen (Book Review Pedcast by Sonya Corina Williams)

I thought it would be tacky to review my own book so I asked Sonya Corina Williams to do the job. Sonya is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in bio-engineering and plans to attend medical school in 2020. Smart doesn’t even begin to describe Sonya. I was so honored by her review of my new book , Great Kids Don’t Just Happen, that I asked her to read her it to you in her own voice. To hear me talk about my new book, check out my book trailer.  Now here’s Sonya Corina Williams!

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Parent’s Guide to Childhood Immunization (Book Review Pedcast)

Parent’s Guide to Childhood Immunization

Written and Published by the US Department of Health and Human Services/ Center for Disease Control

August 2015


Interest in vaccine safety has been, and continues to be, a hot topic with parents and the media. Unfortunately, from where I sit, the AAP and others professional organizations have been missing in action when it comes to mounting an effective media campaign to educate parents and counter much of the misinformation parents are exposed to. I have been to professional meetings where my pediatrician colleagues have stood up and railed at our professional organization for not being very visible in this important debate. Given that as background, it was of great interest when I came across a new handbook, written and published by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC, laying out the facts including vaccine safety.  Maybe as the number of outbreaks of measles, whooping cough, and mumps continue to climb, organizations like these will put more effort toward countering the messaging from people and organizations that are opposed to vaccines.  I actually think this beginning to happen since many state legislatures, public health groups, and even the AAP have been becoming more public about their support for vaccines. My guess is that it will take at least five positive vaccine messages to counter the unrealistic fear that one negative message about vaccines can create. Multiple positive messages from multiple reliable sources, on an ongoing basis, are what are needed. That’s why is this handbook is significant in my opinion so let’s get into the details of my review. Continue reading

The Boy’s Body Book, by Dunham + Bjorkman (Book Review Pedcast)

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The Boys Body Book: Fifth Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up!

The Boy’s Body Book, Everything You Need to Know about Growing Up YOU

Authors-  Kelli S. Dunham and Steven Bjorkman

publisher-Applesauce Press

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The other day a mom with a 12-year-old son asked me during a checkup, “Is there a good book for young boys to learn about puberty and adolescence?” Well, I knew there were lots of these books since I have seen them in bookstores while browsing, but I had to admit, I have never read any of them and didn’t know which one to steer her toward. Well, not anymore. With a little help from Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, I discovered a wonderful book that I am going to review for you today called, The Boy’s Body Book, by Kelli Dunham and Steven Bjorkman. So, welcome to this very special book review edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics.  I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician with a lot of experience and a lot to say. I created Portable Practical Pediatrics to bring parents relevant information that can help you with your parenting in a format that is easy, convenient, and fun to use– the podcast format. So, let’s get into today’s book review, shall we? Continue reading

The Collapse of Parenting, by Leonard Sax MD (Book Review Pedcast)

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The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown-Ups

Topic Introduction

Doc Smo here. I have an exciting new pedcast for you today, a book review pedcast, that I hope will get you revved up to read and digest a new parenting book by Dr. Leonard Sax, a family doctor and clinical psychology. The book is called The Collapse of Parenting, and I must say that I think you will find it quite thought provoking. This is first of Dr. Sax’s book I have read and after reading it, I am excited to get his other books, Boys Adrift and Girls on the Edge. More on these in future pedcasts. Continue reading