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The Boy’s Body Book, by Dunham + Bjorkman (Book Review Pedcast)

The Boy’s Body Book, Everything You Need to Know about Growing Up YOU

Authors-  Kelli S. Dunham and Steven Bjorkman

publisher-Applesauce Press

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The other day a mom with a 12-year-old son asked me during a checkup, “Is there a good book for young boys to learn about puberty and adolescence?” Well, I knew there were lots of these books since I have seen them in bookstores while browsing, but I had to admit, I have never read any of them and didn’t know which one to steer her toward. Well, not anymore. With a little help from Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, I discovered a wonderful book that I am going to review for you today called, The Boy’s Body Book, by Kelli Dunham and Steven Bjorkman. So, welcome to this very special book review edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics.  I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician with a lot of experience and a lot to say. I created Portable Practical Pediatrics to bring parents relevant information that can help you with your parenting in a format that is easy, convenient, and fun to use– the podcast format. So, let’s get into today’s book review, shall we? Continue reading