The Boy’s Body Book, by Dunham + Bjorkman (Book Review Pedcast)

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The Boys Body Book: Fifth Edition: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up!

The Boy’s Body Book, Everything You Need to Know about Growing Up YOU

Authors-  Kelli S. Dunham and Steven Bjorkman

publisher-Applesauce Press

Help support by buying this reviewed book using this affiliate link. You get Amazon’s best price and earns a small affiliate marketing fee.  Thank you. 



The other day a mom with a 12-year-old son asked me during a checkup, “Is there a good book for young boys to learn about puberty and adolescence?” Well, I knew there were lots of these books since I have seen them in bookstores while browsing, but I had to admit, I have never read any of them and didn’t know which one to steer her toward. Well, not anymore. With a little help from Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, I discovered a wonderful book that I am going to review for you today called, The Boy’s Body Book, by Kelli Dunham and Steven Bjorkman. So, welcome to this very special book review edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics.  I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician with a lot of experience and a lot to say. I created Portable Practical Pediatrics to bring parents relevant information that can help you with your parenting in a format that is easy, convenient, and fun to use– the podcast format. So, let’s get into today’s book review, shall we?

Doc Smo’s Review and Opinion

I think readers will find the The Boy’s Body Book, laid out in a very logical fashion, with the following chapters in the following order:

Chapter 1-Hygiene 

Chapter 2-Bodily Changes

Chapter 3-Changing Outside World

Chapter 4-Changes at Home

Chapter 5-Your Changing Feelings

The book is written in a conversational style that I think would be easy for a late elementary or middle school child to read and understand.  The authors have illustrations that I found very well done.  In addition, the authors guide the reader with the voice of both the narrator and an expert’s comments that pops up periodically to add extra information and emphasis. These two voices make the book seem like there are multiple adults talking to the reader. I found that this writing style really worked to amplify certain points the author wanted to make. The book manages to cover a lot of ground, much of it about a young child’s feelings rather than his bodily changes and events of puberty. I found that fact very interesting.


So who will find this book useful you might be asking? I think if you have a 5th-9th grade boy in your house, this book could be very very useful. It would make a great conversation starter for one thing. It also would be a great book for you and your son to read together or just talk about after your son has read it. I have to say, I know when I was a young child, I would have found its content very interesting instead of scouring encyclopedias for information. I can’t see many parents being this thorough in their conversations about puberty with their sons. I am sure that the Boy’s Body Book could serve as a great agenda for conversations you might like to have with your son. I think that most children in the 10-15 year old age range will relate very well to the style and content of the book. I must say, I enjoyed reading it!  But, if you are looking for a book to give your child an information about the mechanics, biology, or morality of sexuality, you won’t find it here. There is a lot of talk about feelings and bodily changes but none of those kinds of feelings.


I think the Boy’s Body Book, while having a very catchy title, should have more appropriately titled, The Boy’s Mind and Body Book–not as catchy but a more accurate description of its content. Besides that reservation, I found it well written for the audience it seeks, colorful, humorous, factual, and fun to read. I give this 4.5 Doc Smo stars.   I’m looking forward to reading the compendium book by the same authors, The Girl’s Body Book. Until next time.