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Children in these age groups pose almost constant challenges for their parents.  Whether the question is about a health matter or a parenting issue, pedcasts in this section are designed to be informative and useful.  I feel certain that if you have teens or young adults in your house that there are subjects in this section that you will find instructive and thought provoking.  “Let’s talk Teens and Young Adults” with these recent posts;

Recent Pedcasts

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From the Desk of Doc Smo/Articles:

“Food Decisions” with Dr. Kilbane Life is a group activity!
HPV Vaccines: “Prevention Trumps Treatment” Pediatric Practice, the New Frontier
Ear Wax to the Max, “oh my” The Quest for Cures
What Makes an Effective Doctor Visit? Could Acetominophen be Toxic?
Wet Hair at Night, Right on Grandma! The “New” Face of Pediatrics
“Sit Down and Listen”: ADD News 2011 Life Lessons from the Grandpa’s Chair
Antiperspirant and Deodorant Facts….No sweat! From the Desk of DocSmo-Exercise and “Your Little People”
Helping Single Parent Families : Parenting Challenges
Teaching your teen to be “Responsible” Profanity and Children
Attitude lessons learned from my Dad Getting the Dose Right!
Dr. Kilbane on “Winterizing” Your Children Children and the Risk of Drowning
The Naked Truth About Acne from Dr. Primmer From the Desk of DocSmo: The Rewards of Commitment
Tincture of Time The Secret is in the Roots
Fever Facts The End of an Era
Bike Helmets Work! From the Desk of DocSmo: Your Child and the Natural World
Food Allergy in Children From the desk of DocSmo: “Fewer Smokers in USA”
Probiotics Update with Dr. Sheila Kilbane  A Constipation Conversation
ADD-An Integrative approach with Dr Sheila Kilbane Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention Parents; Let’s focus on ADD From the Desk of DocSmo- ADD Steps 1,2,3,&4
When Sports Participation Begins to Hurt Swimmer’s Ear Prevention 101
Poison Ivy-Just Leaf it alone! Sunscreen Essentials
Avoiding a potential teenage tragedy 2010 Vital Statistics…Interesting (Article)
What is the “Fever” in Hay Fever? Q and A
with “Simon” (Laura Nelle Parnell)
Let’s not forget to care for the Mamas and the Papas!
What’s Up with all the Children with Allergies?
If, when, and why your child should have a CBC
Grandma, Cod Liver Oil, and the 2011
News Regarding Vitamin D
The ABCDE of Moles with Dr. Sue Primmer
Dermatologist Dr Susan Primmer answers must
know questions about Eczema in children
Screen Time, How Much is Too Much?
Getting a Grippe on the ‘Moving Target’ We Call Influenza
Retrospective Thoughts from 2010
Thanksgiving Thoughts 2010
Bugs or Drugs, Who’s Winning?
Swimming, A Basic Life Skill All Children Need to Know
Shaping Your Child’s Character, Leading by Example
Patty versus Mozart, Curious?
 Why Your Child Should Avoid Sugary Drinks!
Eyedrops Made Simple
Stopping Bug Bites Before They Happen
Making Sense of Your Child’s Next Virus
Answers to Skin Care Questions by Dr. Sue Primmer
A ‘How to’ Guide to Swallowing Pills for Children
The Supper Table Revisited
The “power of honey” with Dr. Kilbane (Pedcast)


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