From the desk of DocSmo: “Fewer Smokers in USA”

When I was a child, it seemed that there was always a cigarette dangling in my face.  Some of my earliest memories are of  running into a hot cigarette that an adult was smoking in our house.  Little people stay low to the ground, and that is exactly where adults hold their cigarettes.  When I was a child, it seemed that everyone smoked.  The percentage of the population that smoked was actually about 50% during my childhood.  I was thrilled to see in the CDC newsletter that smoking frequency has continued to fall in the US, now down to less than 20% (19.6% to be exact).  Smoking cessation is the number one thing our society can do to prevent  illness.  We all need to keep up our vigilance and continue to convince our children that smoking is a behavior we want them to avoid.  Maybe in a few years I will be able to report that we have finally reached a point where the world is virtually tobacco-free.  Hooray!