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Dr. M’s SPA Newsletter Audiocast Volume 13 Issue 52

What have I learned over the last 13 years?
1) That medicine is an onion peel that never ends! We keep learning and evolving into newer and more mature ways to understand the physiology of balance in all things human. When in balance, disease is stymied. When not so balanced, disease has a chance to start and flourish. After interviewing 68 guests, one common theme has arisen – that we have a layer of control to prevent disease and strife that is huge when young and gets smaller and less nimble as we age. Thus, prevention remains the best source of therapy for the human species to overcome the current negative trajectory on human health. Starting at the individual level appears to be the best answer as the collective, especially in government, is not aligned with health. When many of the most wealthy companies are insurers, hospitals and pharmaceuticals, we have our incentives upside down. The wealth should pour into companies preventing illness…….

Dr. M’s SPA Newsletter Audiocast Volume 12 Issue 34

Issue 34

This week we look at The Truth About Lying, Acid Suppressors and Asthma Risk, Testicular Concerns and Obesity.
Adults lie? Shocker.
According to the research, most adults lie 1-2 times per day, but most lies are not damaging and often related to self inflation for ego or to spare another’s feelings. That is great news. Most people are honest most of the time! Ok. Now that we understand that most people are good what are the realities of the others? What do our kids see in us? Over the coming months I am going to dissect Dr. Talwar’s book for you in sections as I see them. You can get a big head start on all of this information by listening to the podcast #25 with Dr. Talwar herself.
Have a great day,
Dr. M

Dr. Magryta’s Newsletter 11 V22

Photograph by Chris Magryta
Genetically modified foods, glyphosate and Immunity
Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece on a controversial topic as the science is too muddy for a clear picture. There is no clear answer to this debate! I have no dog in this fight other than human health and disease avoidance. The question has to be asked and answered. However, the individuals behind the science are often full of corporate bias making the determination of truth very troublesome.
I have long worried about the transition from all natural food to the modern pesticide laden genetically modified variety. Parsing through the research on safety is immensely difficult as the variables that need to be accounted for are numerous and most of the troubling research is only translational from animal models. Most of the negative (i.e. safe) data is industry funded causing major bias points to exist. Thus, we remain in the dark as to true risk and safety.