CONTENT (SUBHEADER) Infant/Toddler 2011

From the Desk of DocSmo: Your Child and the Natural World
The Rhythm of Pediatrics (Pedcast)
Mother Nature’s Influence on a Child’s Health (Announcement)
Safe Sleep Environment for Infants 2011 (Pedcast)
Lunchroom Lowdown- Safe Sleep Guidelines for Infants 2011 (Article)
From the Desk of DocSmo – “Safe Sleep for Infants” circa 2011
AAP Updates a Safe Sleep Environment for Infants (Announcement)
Tincture of Time (Pedcast)
Can You Shape Your Child’s Attitude? (Announcement)
Teething, Just the Facts Ma’am (Pedcast)
From the desk of DocSmo: “Fewer Smokers in USA”
Fever Facts (Pedcast)
From the Desk of DocSmo: Obesity, the new norm (Article)
Adopt a Healthy Dental Diet for your Children (Pedcast)
Baby’s First Solid Food: When and How (Pedcast)
Food Allergy in Children (Pedcast)
Breastfeeding Decisions with Anne Gessner PNP (Pedcast)
Probiotics Update with Dr. Sheila Kilbane (Pedcast)
Pediatric Nutrition; A New “Topic of the Week” starting August 15th
Poison Ivy-Just Leaf it alone! (Pedcast)
From the desk of Doc Smo: Sunscreen Essentials (Article)
From the desk of Doc Smo: A Constipation Conversation (Article)
Potty Training- “Let’s get started right” (Pedcast)
The Lunchroom Lowdown: Bathroom Boot Camp (Article)
Announcing Bathroom Boot Camp, May 30th-June 3rd! (Article)
From the desk of Doc Smo : The Secret is in the Roots (Article)
Babies, Water, and Salt- A Briny Mix (Pedcast)
From the desk of Doc Smo: The End of an Era (Article)
Changing Diapers; Hazardous to your health…Really? (Pedcast)
Let’s not forget to care for the Mamas and the Papas! (Pedcast)
What’s Up with all the Children with Allergies? (Pedcast)
If, when, and why your child should have a CBC (Pedcast)
Grandma, Cod Liver Oil, and the 2011 News Regarding Vitamin D (Pedcast)
Can Children be Spoiled? (Pedcast)
Dermatologist Dr Susan Primmer answers must know questions about Eczema in children (Pedcast)
The Physiology of Dehydration – A Parent’s Guide (Pedcast)

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