From the Desk of DocSmo: Obesity, the new norm (Article)

Here are some of the new things I am reading about as far as nutrition is concerned:

The Obesity epidemic in the US keeps rolling right along

Check out this graphic from the CDC.  20-30% of our population is now OBESE, not overweight, but OBESE

We all know the reasons: increase portion size, eating out more, more consumption of processed foods, fast food availability, sugary drinks everywhere, less exercise, more screen time etc.

Even the Chinese are starting to become OBESE.
Study: China Getting Fatter, But Not Like U.S. – China Real Time Report – WSJ

Apparently with wealth comes OBESITY.  In the US more accurately, being poor and living in a wealthy westernized society often means becoming OBESE.

In NYC they have taken a small step at fighting back.  There, it is mandatory to post calorie counts of food served in fast food restaurants to help patrons make a more informed choice about their food consumption.  It seems that about 1 out of every 6 patrons is affected by this information

Here are the CDC’s to-do list for both communities and parents to reverse the obesity epidemic in the US: