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Can You Shape Your Child’s Attitude? (Announcement)

Tune in to next week’s podcast to hear Dr. Smolen’s take on shaping attitude in your children. Dr. Smolen believes that a child’s ultimate attitude toward family, work, school, and society are shaped by messages and experiences they have when they are young and impressionable. Parents have more power in this regard than they may realize. Listen to what Dr. Smolen feels are key personality traits that parents can influence and what you can do today to raise healthy balanced children.

Shaping Your Child’s Character, Leading by Example (Pedcast)

Children are easily influenced by who and what’s around them. Thus, their characters are shaped not only by their peers but by you, their parents. As Doc Smo says, you create your child’s reality, and the reality you choose to create helps mold your child into the person he or she is going to become. So, learn some practical tips for shaping your child’s character through your own actions.

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