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Need High Chair for Your Little Ones? (Pedcast)

Topic Introduction-Story

Doc Smo here. Thanks for joining me today for a lively discussion about children, food, and mealtime. Let’s face it, parents with young children are expected to buy a lot of equipment. Here is just a short list: strollers, cribs, pack and plays, stair gates, changing tables, and maybe, just maybe, a high chair? This is just the tip of the iceberg of equipment that is marketed to young families. I’ve done a previous pedcast about rolling baby walkers in which I came down hard on these devices. I think you can save the $40 you would spend on a walker and instead, put it his or her college fund. But what about high chairs?  You know those sit on the floor, free standing chairs with trays, and straps, and a wide base?  Generally, pediatricians get involved with high chairs for two reasons;  when a toddler or older child falls out of their high chair or when a child has poor food intake because of a feeding problem.  Continue reading