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Annual Holiday Message 2014 (Pedcast)

I’ve got to tell you, I look forward to my holiday podcast all year, I guess because holidays are special and a time for reflection. Being a little older person, I think gives me a perspective that younger parents just can’t have. I often ask myself strange questions…like the other day when I was wondering, “What is a child’s most valuable asset, their most important possession? Their place in the family will, their social security number and future benefits, their citizenship? No, I believe these these are all wrong. I think the answer is you…their parents. You are their rock, their everything, their foundation. You shape their world-view. You teach them to trust others. You teach them how to share. You teach them their language. And most of all, you teach them how to love themselves and others.  So it is you, the parents of your children, that I want to concentrate on in this year’s holiday message.

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