CONTENT (SUBHEADER) Infant/Toddler 2012

Newborn male circumcision news 2012 (Pedcast)
Book Review: Bringing up BeBe by Pamela Druckerman(Book Review Pedcast)
Holiday Message 2012 (Pedcast)
Don’t be passive about pacifiers (pedcast)
The ABCDE of Moles with Dr. Sue Primmer (Pedcast)
Finally, Newborn Jaundice Explained! (Pedcast)
From the desk of Doc Smo – Rx Trends in Children (Article)
From the desk of Doc Smo: Whooping Cough Update (article)
From the desk of Doc Smo: More on Injury Prevention (article)
Eczema: A Parent’s Guide (Pedcast)
“Food Decisions” with Dr. Kilbane (Pedcast)
Introductory Pedcast (Pedcast) – Draft
From the Desk of Doc Smo: Could Acetominophen be Toxic?
From the desk of Doc Smo- The “New” Face of Pediatrics
From the Desk of DocSmo-Exercise and “Your Little People”
Lunchroom Lowdown: Parenting Challenges
From the desk of Doc Smo- The latest on “Teething”
From the Desk of Doc Smo- Profanity and Children
Baby Walkers…beware! (Pedcast)
Essential Info about your Baby’s Head Shape (Pedcast)
From the Desk of Doc Smo – Getting the Dose Right!
Why babies spit up! (Pedcast)
The Success of Rotavirus Vaccine (Pedcast)
From the desk of DocSmo: More on OTC cold/cough medicines (Article)
What Makes an Effective Doctor Visit? (Pedcast)
Wet Hair at Night, Right on Grandma! (Pedcast)
Screen Time: The first 2 years (Pedcast)
Lunchroom Lowdown: “Screens” and Young Children (Article)

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