CONTENT (SUBHEADER) Teen/Young Adult 2013

 Marijuana Facts with Psychiatrist, Andy Farah M.D.
The tech savvy parent with Dr. John Simpson (Pedcast)
College Savings Made Easy (Pedcast)
“Moving” is Stressful for Children -Dr. John Simpson (Pedcast)
Tattoos and children- Dr. Sue Primmer (Pedcast)
The Tired Teen (Pedcast)
123 Magic by Thomas Phelan PhD (Book Review Pedcast)
Migraine, what a pain! (Pedcast)
Increase your child car seat “IQ” (Pedcast)
Grieving and Loss with Dr. John Simpson (pedcast)
Feeding Baby Green, by Dr. Alan Greene (Book Review Pedcast)
DocSmo’s picky eater turnaround (Pedcast)
How Children Succeed (Book Review Pedcast)
Trampoline Truths (Pedcast)
A Dangerous Rash in Children (Pedcast)
Ear pain solved by Dr. Mom, (Pedcast)
The “power of honey” with Dr. Kilbane (Pedcast)
Read Aloud Handbook (Book Review Pedcast)
More…on Sugary Drinks (Pedcast)
America “super sized” (Pedcast)
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: (Pedcast Book Review)
Book Review: “Wonder” (Book review Pedcast)

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