“Moving” is Stressful for Children -Dr. John Simpson (Pedcast)

Dr. John Simpson is a practicing psychologist in Charlotte, N.C .,with over 30 years of experience helping families with all sorts of emotional issues. Listen to him share his experience and wisdom while answering question about the impact of a “move” on a child.
Questions discussed  in this pedcast with Dr. John Simpson, psychologist;
1. Why is moving stressful for children?
 2. Are there good moves and bad moves for a family? Are the associated events like a parent changing jobs or divorce also important considerations?
3. Does the move have an impact on the parents and  their mental health?
 4. Stories from your experience that have been instructive?
 5. How can we lessen the impact of a move?
 7. Can the move become a positive experience?
 8. What are danger signs a child is exhibiting poor coping with the stress of a move?
 9. Which children are most vulnerable to this kind of stress?
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