CONTENT (SUBHEADER) Infant/Toddler 2010

Why You Shouldn’t Let Sleeping Babies Lie (Pedcast)
Milk Transition-When, Why, and How (Pedcast)
Thanksgiving Thoughts 2010 (Pedcast)
What to do if your child is a ‘potty refuser’ (Pedcast)
Understanding Your Child’s Ear Infections Step by Step (Pedcast)
Spicy Feet, The Latest Recommendations Regarding Cough and Cold Medicines for Young Children from FDA and Moms (Pedcast)
Going Public with Your Newborn, How and When! (Pedcast)
What’s New with Umbilical Cord Care in Newborns (Pedcast)
Dealing with Diaper Rashes (Pedcast)
Starting Young Children towards a Life of Literacy (Pedcast)
Making Sense of Your Child’s Next Virus (Pedcast)
Little Teeth, Handle with Care (Pedcast)
Sleepless Nights…Beyond the Crib (Pedcast)
Mommy, My PeePee Hurts! (Pedcast)
Keeping Abreast of Breast Milk Facts (Pedcast)
The First Week Home with Your New Baby (Pedcast)
Why Your Child Should Avoid Sugary Drinks! (Pedcast)
How to Discipline Your Child…with Respect! (Pedcast)
A ‘How to’ Guide to Swallowing Pills for Children (Pedcast)
Injury Prevention for Little People (Pedcast)
How to Choose a Doc (Pedcast)
What Parents Need to Know about Infant Temperature Control (Pedcast)
Straight Talk About Sleep in Infancy (Pedcast)
Essential Knowledge for Parents about Hepatitis B (Pedcast)
Answers to Skin Care Questions by Dr. Sue Primmer (Pedcast)
Eyedrops Made Simple (Pedcast)
Patty versus Mozart, Curious? (Pedcast)
Bugs or Drugs, Who’s Winning? (Pedcast)
Screen Time, How Much is Too Much? (Pedcast)


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