Dr. M’s Women and Children First Podcast #57 – Chef Mark Allison – Healthy Eating from a Chef’s Viewpoint

This week’s guest is Chef Mark Allison, a highly accomplished culinary artist known for his innovative and healthy creations. Born and raised in England to a family with a deep appreciation for food, Mark developed a passion for cooking at an early age. He honed his skills by attending prestigious culinary schools and gaining practical experience in renowned restaurants around the world. He counts current and past job titles as the Corporate Executive Chef at Forever Oceans, the former Director of Culinary Nutrition at the Dole Food Company and the former Dean of Culinary Arts Education at Johnson & Wales University.
With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Chef Mark has earned a stellar reputation for his meticulous attention to detail and creative flair. Throughout his career, Chef Mark has received numerous accolades and awards for his culinary expertise. His dishes have been featured in prominent culinary publications, and he has appeared as a guest chef on various television shows, where he shares his expertise and passion with a wider audience.
Beyond his culinary prowess, Chef Mark is also dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices in the culinary world. He actively promotes the use of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, and supports initiatives that minimize food waste and protect the environment. In two words, he is a culinary scientist. He looks at food through two windows, taste and cellular health. Both of which are important to my patients and me. We dive into why and how he does this effectively in a society that is not aligned in the same direction.
He is the author of these books: 3 boys & a chef, 3 boys & a chef 2, Lets get smart about diabetes and 150 projects to get into culinary arts.
Chef Mark Allison continues to push the boundaries of culinary artistry, captivating diners with his extraordinary creations and leaving a lasting impact on the culinary industry. His passion for food, commitment to excellence, and dedication to nutrition and sustainability make him a true culinary visionary.
Please enjoy my conversation with Chef Mark,
Dr. M