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7 Essential Actions That Will Keep Your Children Safe from Injury(Pedcast)


The other day I was giving a talk to a 12 year old young man and his mother at the end of his checkup that I am sure I have delivered thousands of times before over the years.  As I was speaking, the thought crossed my mind that I need to share this talk with my podcast listeners.  Of course! If I have bothered to consistently deliver it in person for so many years, it must be important.  In fact, I know this little conversation has saved at least a few children from devastating injuries.  Why you ask, because a few children have told me so? I am particularly righteous about giving this talk to my preteen and teenage boy patients because they seem to need it the most. I want them to hear it directly from me! Girls have accidents as well and all of these tips apply to girls as well, of course, but today my focus is on accidents that I see far more frequent in boys for reasons I am about to explain. So sit back and hear how this pediatrician talks to children, especially boys, about the number one cause of morbidity and death in children, childhood accidents. Continue reading