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Why Your Kids Need Fermented Foods w/ Dr. Rouchouze (Pedcast)




Special Guest: Charlotte Rouchouze, www.thechildrenstable.com







Pick up any medical journal or health magazine and it won’t be long before you hear some discussion about the health benefits of probiotics and fermented foods. Interest in how the microbial world enhances your child’s health is more than a fad or craze; it is becoming fundamental to understanding how your child stays healthy. This knowledge is literally transforming medicine. That is why today’s pedcast is so important and why we are so lucky to have one of my favorite guests returning to Portable Practical Pediatrics, Dr. Charlotte Rouchouze, a food expert and host of the popular blog, The Children’s Table. Welcome Dr. Rouchouze- thank you so much for taking time to join me and my audience today. Continue reading