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Stomachaches: Worried about the Wrong Organ? (Pedcast)

Topic Introduction

Pediatricians see a lot of children with stomachaches. It is estimated that about 10% of the childhood population have a stomachaches as often as 3X/3months, the definition of a syndrome pediatricians call recurrent abdominal pain. These children not only suffer great pain, but they miss a lot of school and other activities of childhood. Children with recurrent abdominal pain need to have some tests to make sure that they don’t have a serious disorder but fortunately, most of the time there is nothing seriously wrong with them. That is not to say that there is nothing wrong, just nothing seriously wrong with their intestines. The lack of a major disease of the gut is great news for these families but leaves everyone with a real dilemma, what is wrong with these children how do you help the child? That’s the topic that we are going to explore today so sit back and get ready for another edition of Portable Practical PediatricsContinue reading