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The Season of Goodbye (Pedcast)

Here we go again with the next installment of docsmo.com. I’m your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician with 34 years of practice and a lot to say. From gestation to graduation, if it pertains to children, we talk about it here.


Well, its that season again– the 18 year olds, who I often have known since birth are coming in for their college forms to be completed and their final pediatric visit.  Along with the first newborn visit, I find this pre college exam extremely satisfying. This is a moment that I cherish. I am ecstatic for these children and I think my fondness for them is obvious to everyone.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and honored to have been able to contribute to their well being in a meaningful way in prior years. The kids are brimming with anticipation, a little anxious, and full of excitement.  You can tell, they are really ready to begin their journey into true independence and growth. Continue reading