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Zika Fever Has Arrived (Pedcast)

Topic Introduction

Let me tell you, Zika fever has definitely arrived in Charlotte as I suspect it has in most of the US, No, not the disease, but a fever pitch of concern among couples of reproductive age. Mosquito born and potentially devastating for unborn babies, Zika could be a serious threat to our unborn.  There is an uneasiness that you can feel among the 20 and 30 somethings. Like a first trimester pregnant young mom who recently asked me about what precautions she should be taking with regards to mosquitos, or the worried parents who are asking about whether they should go on international travel trips and risk a Zika infection, or a family with a child who has severe neurologic problems who asked me was she responsible for her child’s problems by taking a vacation to the Caribbean when she was 18 weeks pregnant.  In other words, there is fever pitch of concern about Zika, so in today’s podcast, I thought it is time for you to learn what we know to date about this emerging disease. Continue reading