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Whose Protecting Your Children from Internet Addiction and Brain Hacking? Part 2 (Pedcast)


I hope you learned in part one of this series, how addicting and attractive social media and screens are to children. Addiction too strong a word you think? Think again.  Just watch many of today’s teens with their smart phones. They are regularly having intrusive repetitive thoughts of checking their phones for updates and clearly become distressed when the phone stops working or is taken away.  In the addiction world that is called withdrawal. And once the addiction has taken hold, others can use it to strongly influence a child’s specific thoughts, feelings, and actions, a process called “Brain hacking”. Today, as promised, we are going to get into some specifics of what parents can do to guard against Internet addiction and brain hacking. Stay informed, stay engaged, and of course, stay tuned to this edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics. Continue reading