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Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Pedcast)


Today, I’m going to wander away from pediatric medicine for one pedcast and wander into an important subject– how we teach our kids to be tolerant and accepting of others. In my mind, nothing could need more urgent attention than improvement in human relations.  The world is in a mess. There seems to be so much hate. Many Arabs hate Israelis and vice versa,; many Christians hate Muslims and vice versa; many Cubans hate the Americans and vice versa, many Saudi’s hate Iranians and vice versa; many Indians hate Pakistani’s and vice versa, and on and on it goes. But Why. Where does all this hatred come from. We are born without preconceptions about others, without hate for one another, so the hatred has to be learned, either from direct experience with the group that is hated or vicariously from our parents and elders. Since many, or I dare say, most of the people consumed with hate have never met or had any direct life experiences as a young child with the people they hate,  I contend that most of the hatred is passed down from our parents, teachers, and adults in our lives and it is exactly that “passing down” that is the subject of today’s pedcast. Continue reading