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Good Book to Help Anxious Kids (Book Review Pedcast)


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What to Do if You Worry Too Much

by Dawn Huebner, PhD.

Topic Introduction

Doc Smo here. Thanks for joining me today. Recently, I found a good book to help an anxious kids that I am going to share with you today in this book review pedcast. I must say, I love doing book reviews for my listeners because I learn so much in the process of exploring the catalogue of contemporary parenting books and at the same time I give my listeners a little taste of the author’s wisdom. Today, I am going to do a review of a book that a mother of one of my patient’s introduced me to when the subject of her son’s anxiety came up at his checkup recently.  This mom and her son had found the book titled, What to Do When You Worry Too Much, very useful and I hope you will too. Continue reading