CONTENT (SUBHEADER) Schoolage 2010

Retrospective Thoughts from 2010 (Pedcast)
Thanksgiving Thoughts 2010 (Pedcast)
Antiperspirant and Deodorant Facts…No Sweat! (Pedcast)
Understanding Your Child’s Ear Infections Step by Step (Pedcast)
Swimming, A Basic Life Skill All Children Need to Know (Pedcast)
Shaping Your Child’s Character, Leading by Example (Pedcast)
Spicy Feet, The Latest Recommendations Regarding Cough and Cold Medicines for Young Children from FDA and Moms (Pedcast)
Starting Young Children towards a Life of Literacy (Pedcast)
Stopping Bug Bites Before They Happen (Pedcast)
Making Sense of Your Child’s Next Virus (Pedcast)
Mommy, My PeePee Hurts! (Pedcast)
Playgrounds, No Parents Allowed! (Pedcast)
The Supper Table Revisited (Pedcast)
Why Your Child Should Avoid Sugary Drinks! (Pedcast)
How to Discipline Your Child…with Respect! (Pedcast)
A ‘How to’ Guide to Swallowing Pills for Children (Pedcast)
How to Choose a Doc (Pedcast)
Answers to Skin Care Questions by Dr. Sue Primmer (Pedcast)
Eyedrops Made Simple (Pedcast)
Patty versus Mozart, Curious? (Pedcast)
Bugs or Drugs, Who’s Winning? (Pedcast)
Screen Time, How Much is Too Much? (Pedcast)

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