Super Baby Food (Book Review Pedcast)

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Super Baby Food

Super Baby Food

by Ruth Yaron

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Welcome. I’m your host Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician with 35 years of practice and a whole lot to say. I created Portable Practical Pediatrics to bring you good reliable information about things that I thought would help this generation of parents and grandparents raise healthy children. Reviewing and telling you about contemporary parenting books has become a big part of that mission. In that vein, I want to tell you about a book that you might find very useful when it comes time to feed your infants and toddlers, especially if you have never done this before. The whole process of directing your infant’s diet from milk to solid foods can be daunting. Read much about this subject and young parents can quickly become very confused. I think that is where the book Super Baby Food, by Ruth Yaron comes in.  In today’s pedcast, I am going to introduce you to this book and tell you how I think it might be a useful guide to help feed your infants and toddlers. So, let’s get started shall we?

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I think readers of Super Baby Food will discover that the author, Ruth Yaron, has poured her heart and sole into creating this book. It has sooo much information, from basic information about how to prepare your own baby food, to a step-by-step guide of how to introduce solid foods to infants, to a crash course in human nutrition. You will even find out how to make homemade baby wipes and deodorant for mom! I think Ms. Yaron covers every conceivable topic related to moms and babies. Need to know how to avoid bringing commercial cleaning products into your home and keep your baby from being exposed to dangerous chemicals– this book has you covered.

The core of the Super Baby Food book is the homemade porridge and other homemade baby foods that are designed to keep babies healthy. Ms. Yaron suggests that parents start their babies out on super porridge and graduate to super duper porridge at nine months as their digestive system matures.  Details of production of super porridge and other baby foods are described in great detail. For parents interested in creating a whole food, natural diet for their infants and toddlers, I feel like Super Baby Food is a great resource.

Now for my thoughts. The book is well written and researched and I found it pleasing and easy to read. For readers who want the convenience of pre made, commercially available “processed” baby foods that are so commonly used in the U.S., this book may give you a serious case of the guilts. Or, if you are open to getting back to rolling up your sleeves and getting down and dirty in the kitchen, Ms. Yaron’s enthusiasm for homemade foods may just convince you to get with the homemade baby food movement and start your own baby food factory right in your own kitchen.

If you are looking for some information and encouragement to learn about and improve your baby’s diet, Super Baby Food might be your book. Easy to read, and extremely practical, I highly recommend it for first time parents as well as families who have fed an entire brood of children. If your great grandmother were here to give you advice about feeding and caring for your children today, I think she would approve of the advice the Ms. Yaron dispenses.


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