“Sit Down and Listen”: ADD News 2011 (Pedcast)

In November of 2011, the Academy of Pediatrics experts revised their guidelines for pediatricians when it comes to the management of children with ADD.  In this edition of  DocSmo.com, Dr Smolen introduces parents to the new changes when it comes to helping children with ADD along with some of his own insights and opinions.  Informed parents will certainly want to listen.



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  1. Kelly Cruz says:

    Dr Smo,
    Thank you very much for this topic, I have a six year old and one on the way and we attended the prenatal class your office holds this pas week. We were very impressed and wish we had discovered this practice when we had our first son. We plan on using you guys for our 2nd. In our gift bag was a card for your pedcasts so I decided to log on and check them out and boy am I glad I did. I have enjoyed listening to them this weekend. I came across this one and took interest right away since our son was diganosed with ADHD but have received very little explanation and have very little understanding. The medicine he is on works but I had no idea that other factors could affect him. We took him in due to sleeping issues only to be diagnosed with ADHD, he does take medication night and day but I beleive now after listening to your pedcast that there may be more to his case then thought before. Thank you very much for your thoughts on this topic, we greatly appreciate it.

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