Parenting Around the Globe (article)

Here is an interesting article that points out just how varied parenting can be from culture to culture. Maybe the details of parenting are not as important as the structure and predictability that parents provide. Maybe it’s like a lot of things in life: showing up and participating is ¾ of the formula for winning. Maybe the details of the structure parents create is not as important as just “being there” and creating the structure. And while we are talking about just being there, maybe that is why families that have two parents at home putting their energies toward their children often have an easier time achieving success than just one.

Read about how varied parenting decisions can be in cultures around the world. Fascinating:


  1. Charlotte says:

    Charlotte wrote:

    “I think in Europe there is more a mentality of one size fits all child-rearing. (Of course we Americans think everything needs to be tailored to us.) More socialist I guess. It does simplify parenting to some extent and makes ‘it takes a village’ more of a reality.”

  2. Becky says:

    Becky Agnew Cato;

    ” Interesting! Each country’s parenting style reflects it’s values. I actually like the Japanese way of giving children more independence and freedom. I’ve gradually given my older son (6) more freedom as he shows responsibility, and I do my best not to hover and let him make decisions and deal with repercussions. And I love the French way of eating. I try. My younger kids are better eaters than my oldest, I’ve learned a lot along the way.”

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