How Are Pediatricians Saving Lives Today? (Archived Pedcast)

Learn how pediatricians are saving children in today’s world.

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7 Dubious Health Honors American Children Own (Pedcast)

American children are unhealthy on many world standards. Learn more. 

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Making Sense of Your Child’s Next Respiratory Infection (Archived Pedcast)

Topic Introduction

Young children seem to get a lot of sickness, way more than adults do. Most of this sickness is caused by common respiratory viruses and need no specific treatment. These illnesses usually clear up on their own, but sometimes there’s trouble. Today’s episode helps parents understand the patterns of respiratory illness their children get. Knowing when the pattern deviates from normal can give parents and their pediatrician clues to more serious health problems. It’s all in those patterns, if you know what to look for.  This is important information for parents to know, especially in the winter months so I thought it was important enough to do a repost of a pedcast I did in 2010 while it is still cold outside.  No Smo Notes for this post so put on your buds and pay close attention– I’m about to make you one of the best informed parents in the room with this installment of Portable Practical Pediatrics.

Are Eczema/Allergies Preventable in Children?

Voice intro

Life threatening diseases like meningitis, sepsis, and dehydration are mostly a thing of the past for babies and children in 21st century America. Thank goodness! But instead of these acute illnesses that have been so prevalent in the past, now children are battling chronic illnesses like asthma, food allergy, and the topic of today’s talk, eczema. If you search the Portable Practical Pediatrics archives, you will see that we have talked about eczema on many, many occasions– but today I thought I would bring you some new information that recent research has uncovered. If this research is correct, it looks like eczema may be, in  a large number of children, preventable. So stay with me to find out more about how you might be able to prevent the debilitating skin disease known as eczema in your children.

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