Is Eczema in Infancy the Spark that Ignites a Child’s Allergies? (Pedcast by Sonya Corina Williams)

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You are just not paying attention if you haven’t noticed that more children today have eczema and allergies than in past generations. Allergy is one of the most common chronic health problems children today have. Interestingly, most children with allergies have eczema before their allergies develop. A coincidence or does this tell us something fundamental about what triggers allergy?  Stay tuned and my outstanding intern Sonya Corina Williams and I are about to tell you the answer to this interesting and practical question.

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It’s Winter, Are Your Children Vitamin D Deficient? (Archived Pedcast)


Our great grandmothers knew that vitamin D deficiency was a big problem for her children, hence the daily fight over giving your grandfather his cod liver oil. Great Grandma didn’t know what vitamin D was or what was in cod liver oil, but she knew it kept her kids healthy. How did she figure all this out, long before the era of biochemistry? I don’t know. All I can figure is that she was truly a genius. But now this old fashion disease, vitamin D deficiency, and its many variants, are making a comeback. So in this pedcast, we are going to learn more about vitamin D and how you can avoid your children from becoming D-ficient in this important chemical of their bodies.


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Important Reasons to Avoid Feeding Your Children Processed Foods (Pedcast by Sonya Corina Williams)

News flash- the state of nutrition among many American children is bad…very bad. Obesity and metabolic disease are now common in children, largely due to the consumption of an abundance of processed food. And by the way, being obese, having hypertension, or an elevated blood sugar during childhood imparts a good chance of that child having long-term health consequences as you are about to see in today’s pedcast so stay tuned!

Image by H. Ondrejkova Pixabay Images

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Many Crib Deaths are Preventable-Here’s How (Archived Pedcast)


I don’t know how I let this one slip by me but apparently I missed the fact that experts at the AAP put out new updated Safe Sleep Guidelines in 2016 based on the latest studies. These guidelines provide parents and pediatricians with practical dos and don’ts with regards to preventing the most common cause of death in children under a year of age, SIDS and SUIDS, previously known as Crib Death. In my mind, nothing could be more important when it comes to child health than doing everything we possibly can to prevent an infant death and the devastation that those events impose on their families. I’ve done posts on this topic before and… it looks its time for an update.  So if you are a parent, a grandparent, a daycare worker, a babysitter, a healthcare worker, or anyone who is involved in caring for babies under a year of age, listen carefully while I highlight what is new in the evolving science of “Safe Sleep for Babies”.

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