“Nourish Your Tribe” by Nicole Magryta (Book Review Pedcast)


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Nourish Your Tribe: Empowering Parents to Grow Strong, Smart, Successful Kids


Recently a fellow pediatrician, blogger, and North Carolinian sent me a book that his nutritionist wife wrote.  I thought, this is a good opportunity to write a book review post. I haven’t done one of these recently and I love to do this kind of post. (This book review will actually be my 26th in the series). The title of the book I will be reviewing is “Nourish Your Tribe” and it was written by Nicole Magryta MBA, RDN, an integrative nutritionist who practices in N.C. . Ms. Magryta has a lot to say in her book that you are going to want to hear about so take a few minutes and listen to my impression of her new book, “Nourish Your Tribe.” I hope I am able to peak your interest into getting yourself a copy.

Musical Introduction

Walking the Readers Through Some Complex Information:

When I was in medical school, the diet/disease connection was being hotly debated. Did diet have anything with the development of various disease states, we wondered. Many physicians didn’t feel that diet had anything to do with generating disease. Fast forward forty years and the jury of medical evidence has concluded that there is not doubt… a poor diet causes disease as the author of “Nourish Your Tribe” forcefully argues. Americans love-affair with processed foods, large portions, high fructose corn syrup, inflammatory synthetic oils, chemicals and dyes in food, and genetically modified foods (GMOs) has given us all the evidence that is required to convict the modern American diet as a disease causer. Ms. Magryta methodically and clearly reviews medical literature (247 citations) that supports her thesis that a poor food quality is at the core of many of today’s most common maladies in both adults and children; the allergy epidemic among our children, the increasing incidence of  auto-immune disorders like inflammatory bowel diseases, all the way to degenerative diseases like cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s disease, and cancers. Could poor food quality be at the core of it all? The author shouts a unemphatic yes and she enthusiastically endorses us all to do something about it!

My Thoughts about “Nourish Your Tribe”

“Nourish Your Tribe” is an excellent book and one that was clearly a labor of love for the author. There is so much information in the book that I could read it ten times and learn new things in my tenth reading!. I found the writing style to be easy to read and personal and … I love her title, perfect in fact. . Her book is practical; full of useful information and references like family dinner table rules, how to choose the most effective probiotics, how to improve the food quality for your family, or to how to deal with a picky eating child.  The recipes look interesting and tasty but I must admit, I haven’t tried any yet.  Hopefully very soon. Readers who are very interested in cutting edge nutritional information, who are willing to make large changes to their family’s diets and eating habits, and who subscribe to the integrative health approach will love this book. For some readers however, the level of detail and amount of change required to adhere to the author’s nutritional approach may be overwhelming at first. Most Americans have so far to go to get back to what humans were meant to eat that the journey will be a long one. Ms. Magryta makes a compelling argument that Americans urgently need to change their diets and clearly lays out the path to doing this.  I am sure that the author would agree, that even if her readers only partially implement her recommendations, they will receive health benefits none-the-less. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  “Nourish Your Tribe”is one of those steps and I give the book 5/5 Doc Smo stars. An excellent book that everyone who eats would benefit from reading.