No More Lost Kids,w/ Ken Gilliard (Pedcast)


We are going to digress for a few minutes from my usual routine of bringing you a free pediatric education. No, today, I am going to make an appeal for your help. Let me explain. I think we all know that there are children, being raised in poor families all across America, children who have very little hope of doing anything but living a life of poverty. In fact, there are more children being raised in poverty today than there were in 1965, at the beginning of the great “War on Poverty”. Throwing trillions of dollars into social welfare programs undoubtedly helped many, but has not solved the problem of chronic poverty. Generation after generation have lived this way and it can’t go on! But, there is hope and that is what we are going to talk about today. There is a program in Charlotte that has made a good start at meaningful change. I believe this local Charlotte program called “A Better World” holds the key to unlocking the greatness of an entire generation of children and in the next few minutes, my guest Pastor Ken Gilliard and I are going to tell you how a simple after school program does this and how you can help.

To help us break this down further and find out what happens at “A Better World”, is one of their founder, most eloquent spokesmen, and advocate  for A Better World, Pastor Ken Gilliard.




-Question 1: Pastor Ken, can you describe the program called “A Better World” for us please:


Services that are provided

Number of children

Parent involvement

Summer program

College prep


-Question 2: Pastor Den, can you share a few success stories with my audience please. Tell us what happens to children who graduate from ABW.-Question 2: Pastor Den, can you share a few success stories with my audience please. Tell us what happens to children who graduate from ABW._Question 2: Pastor Ken, why do you think this program has enjoyed such success?


Question 3: Pastor Ken, Why do you think your program is so successful?

Program provides what these children’s families can’t…structure, motivation, food, school supplies, etc.

Many single parent families doing everything just to survive. ABW takes some of the pressure off these families by providing after school care, food, toiletries, help with homework, and a consistently loving environment.






Pastor Ken, thanks for sharing all this with my listeners. So here is my appeal. ABW needs your monetary help to continue saving children. This kind of hands on intervention costs money. No matter what your religion, no matter what your ethnic background, no matter what your world view is, you must know that contributing to a cause that is doing so much good is the right thing to do… and ultimately will help all of us. Every child that ABW saves, becomes a productive member of the community. ABW is turning things around, one child at a time. Simply click the banner on my home page and contribute whatever you can. Your few dollars will make a big difference for a child that desperately needs your help. Together, small donations can save a child. You know it is the right thing to do.


Well, that’s it for this week. Next week it will be back to business as usual, so please come back then and catch the next installment of Portable, Practical Pediatrics. This is Dr. Paul Smolen, hoping you can open your heart, to give a child a better start. Until next time.